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University Fund Nijmegen (SNUF)

University Fund Nijmegen (SNUF) is an independent organization that is closely connected to the Radboud University. The goal of the organization is to encourage the study- and living conditions of students. They do this by means of financial support (Emergency Fund and subsidies), accommodation, and general advice and support. Yearly, the University Fund Nijmegen helps to make many activities by students (and for students) possible.

The University Fund Nijmegen provides:

  • Travel subsidies: The University Fund Nijmegen subsidises international study trips for groups, as well as individual internships, study programmes, research projects, and participation in conventions abroad.
  • Emergency Funds: the University Fund Nijmegen has a special fund for loans that are available to students who are in financial need.
  • Subsidies to student organisations and activities: the University Fund Nijmegen subsidizes student associations and their activities. Student sports associations are subsidized by the University Fund by means of the NSSR. Studies associations are generally not eligible for a University Fund Nijmegen subsidy, unless financial aid is needed for the organization of conventions or symposia (for the specific circumstances, please see http://www.snuf.nl/)
  • Accommodations for student organizations: the University Fund Nijmegen also provides accommodation for student organizations in various buildings in the city as well as on campus, in the SNUF-hallway of the Gymnasion building.
  • Advice and support to student organizations: the help desk of the University Fund Nijmegen advises organisations about finances, requesting subsidies, sponsors, organization, and publicity. In addition to that, the University Fund Nijmegen yearly organises a course for treasurers as well as a course that focuses on board members of organisations and associations and how to properly carry out their tasks as a board member.


University Fund Nijmegen
Secretariat: Comeniuslaan 4
T: (024) 36 12 990
E: info@snuf.ru.nl 
W: http://www.snuf.nl/