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Library of Science in the Huygens building

If you are looking for scientific information for your studies, visit the Library of Science. The library (and the study and resource centre) are located on the ground floor of the Huygens building (HG 00.11) next to the cafeteria. On the library website www.ru.nl/ubn you will find relevant search engines which you can use to find scientific information. Other information on searching systems etc can be found on this website.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the building so you can access the search engines where and when you want. On all computers in the library of science you can work with both LINUX and Microsoft.

Borrowing books is free when using your student card.

At the check-out and information desk in the library you can:

  • Ask for help in finding information through special search engines. On request, library staff can give a brief training.
  • Work in groups on papers and projects. There are 8 group work areas where you can discuss your work.
  • There are 3 work stations to work alone in a screened-off station.
  • Scan, copy and print, both in black and white and in colour.
  • Bind, staple, etc your copies and prints.
  • Buy print credit. The credit will be added immediately.
  • Check out and return books. Books you checked out at other libraries can also be returned at the Library of Science.
  • Ask for information about requesting scientific information from other Dutch university libraries.
  • Borrow a laptop for a day with your student card when all pc’s are in use.
  • Borrow headphones and laptop locks.
  • Buy office supplies such as USB-sticks, writing pads, and markers.

At the front of wing 4, there are group work places, a reading table, and a reading corner.

  • There are newspapers and current issues of scientific journals.
  • There is a touch table you can reserve at the desk, for example when you want to prepare for a presentation.
  • There are ample power points to charge your mobile devices.

In the back of wing 4 is the reading room, where you’ll find:

  • Faculty of Science related books. With your student card you can borrow books for free.
  • Journals which are only available digitally, numbering in the hundreds! You can access them from all Faculty PC’s and from your laptop, or a laptop borrowed at the library desk. At other PC work stations – at home, for instance - you can log in via www.ru.nl/library. Use your RU account to gain access. In this way you also have off-campus access to the search engines.
  • E-books. An increasing number of books can be consulted from home. Visit this page for more information on these books. You can access and use these books from home, using your RU account.
  • Reading tables where you can study or read quietly.

In the study and recourse centre there are:

  • PCs that work with Microsoft Office as well as with Linux.
  • Individual screened off work stations with PC.
  • Compulsory and recommended educational literature.
  • Rooms with PC (4 and 8 people) that can be reserved. Some rooms have a smart board.
  • Headphones and laptop locks, available at the supervisor.
  • And you can ask questions or report problems with PCs on the ground floor of the Huygens building to the supervisor.

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday: 8.30h - 22.00h.
Friday: 08.30h. - 20.00h.
Saturday: 09.30h. - 16.00h.
During the summer months, there are different opening hours. See the website for more information.

If you have any questions regarding our services, please contact the Library of Science desk.
Telephone: 024 365 2567

The Library of Science organizes information hours twice a week. Questions are answered and help is offered, e.g. on the following topics:

- Searching and finding scientific literature

- Quoting and plagiarism

- Endnote and Mendeley

- Search engines such as RUQuest, Web of Science, Reaxy

- Help with all literature review

You can also reach us by clicking the Ask your Librarian button at the top right of all our web pages.