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Student advice

The Faculty of Science offers various possibilities for advice. The most important person is the student advisor.

You can always contact them if you experience difficulties, e.g. with planning your work, but also with more personal problems that influence your studies.
If needed, the student advisor can refer you to another type of help, such as a training in study competence, financial aid, or a student psychologist.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment with the student advisor, you can always contact the Student Service Desk. They have access to the calendars of the student advisors.

  • Ms. drs. C. Mooren (Conny): Master Biology and Medical Biology
    Room HG 00.541
    T: 024-3652281
    E: c.mooren@science.ru.nl

  • Ms. drs. K. Teunissen (Katja): Bachelor Biology, trainer studycompetences, trainer mindfullness
    Kamer HG 00.539
    T: 024-3652103
    E: k.teunissen@science.ru.nl

  • Ms. drs. G. Coppens (Gerrie): bachelor Molecular Life Sciences, Master Molecular Life Sciences, Bachelor Biology
    Room HG 00.537
    T: 024-3653028
    E: g.coppens@science.ru.nl

  • Ms. drs. M. Becks (Maike): Bachelor Mathematics, Bachelor Physics and Astronomy, trainer studycompetences
    Room HG 00.538
    T: 024-3653013
    E: maike.becks@science.ru.nl

  • Ms. drs. L. Dirven (Lianne): first year Mathematics
    Room HG 00.538
    T: 024-3652739
    E: l.dirven@science.ru.nl
    Available: Only Wednesday
  • Mr. B.J.C. (Bram) Arens : Bachelor Computing Science
    Room HG 00.539
    T: 024 – 3652103
    E: b.arens@science.ru.nl
    Available: Only Thursday
  • Mr. P. van der Hoeven (Pieter): tutor Computing Science
    Room HG 00.512
    E: p.hoeven@science.ru.nl

  • Ms. M. Bank (Magda): Bachelor Computing Science
    Room HG 00.513
    T: 024-3652029
    E: m.bank@science.ru.nl

  • Ms. M. Roeters (Marjolijn): Bachelor Science, Master Science, first year Chemistry
    Room HG 00.540
    T: 024 - 365 2029
    E: m.roeters@science.ru.nl

  • Ms. drs. E. van Mierlo (Emily): Bachelor Physics and Astronomy, Master Physics and Astronomy
    Room HG 00.538
    T: 024-3653013
    E: e.vanmierlo@science.ru.nl