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Pre-Master programmes for Computing and Information Sciences - introduction

The educational institute for Computing and Information Sciences offers several pre-Master's programmes (especially for students from universities of applied science (Dutch: HBO)) that enable students to bridge the gap between non-RU bachelor programmes and our master programmes Computing Science or Information Sciences. There are standardised programmes for students with a particular background, e.g., students with a computing science bachelor in applied science or professional education, but in some cases, the Examination Board may determine a personalised pre-Master's programme, depending on the student's background.

For Computing Science, the standardised programmes are tuned to the different master specialisations (Cybersecurity, Data Science, Mathematical Foundations and Software Science). For Information Sciences, there is one programme which contains courses relating to Business Administration, Computing Science and general academic background. More information about the standardised programmes can be found further on in this prospectus.

As they typically contain introductory courses to areas that are lacking in the student's background, the standardised pre-Master's programmes contain courses that are scheduled in the first semester (fall semester). It is also important to notice that some of these courses might be taught in Dutch (as they are also taken by first or second year Bachelor's students).

If you would like more information on or are interested in taking one of these pre-Master's programmes, or if you would like to inquire about the possibilities of a personalised pre-Master's programme spread across the first and second semester, please contact our student advisor Perry Groot (Perry.Groot@science.ru.nl) to discuss your options.