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Graduating in August

You can request your exam up and until 31-08-2017, 23:59 via http://www.ru.nl/prospectus/2016/science/rules-requests-0/graduating-diplomas-certificates/request-graduation/. When you request your exam in September your exam date is going to be 29-09-2017.

When all your grades are visible and processed in Osiris, you can request your exam.
These grades include your result for your thesis or internship, which have to be visible in Osiris as well. This means that you can ultimately hand in your testimonium on 31-08-2017 before 16:00 at the Student Service Desk. The administration will immediately process this grade and after the grade has become visible for you in Osiris, you can request your exam.

Is your internship or thesis (>12ECTS) the last part of your study program to finish?

  • In case you have filled in an online registration form for this part, you have to upload your report at thesissubmission.science.ru.nl. The next day our supervisor will receive the necessary forms to fill in (amongst others, the testimonium to register your grade in Osiris). For this reason, please do not wait till the last moment to upload your report. Also, make an appointment with your supervisor to grade your work, in a timely manner.
  • In case you have not filled in the online registration form, collect a testimonium at the Student Service Desk.

If you are participating in the resits between the 14th of August and the 25th of August, please take the following steps after the 15th of August:

  • You can ask the teacher to grade the exam and process those grades as soon as possible, due to the exam date for graduation.
  • In case the teacher is able to process your grade in Osiris before 31-08-2017, please wait until all grades are in Osiris before requesting your exam. This is going to fasten processing your exam request. In case the teacher is expecting to process your grade in Osiris after the deadline of 31-08-2017, request your exam after you participated in your last resit.
  • Your request for graduation is going to be taken care of after we find all your grades to be visible in Osiris. When your graduation has been processed, you will automatically receive notice of this. A notice of completeness is not necessary for this.

In case there are questions concerning the graduation process in August, please contact the Student Service Desk (studentinfo@science.ru.nl or 024-3652200). Pay attention: the Student Service Desk is closed the 17th of July till the 28th of July.