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Honours programme

Radboud Honours Academy offers the most talented and ambitious students from Radboud University the chance to follow an extra challenging programme. You can apply for a place in one of the twelve honours programmes during the first-year's, the Bachelor's or the Master's phase.

First-year students
If you're a conscientious and motivated pupil who has chosen to study at Radboud University, then you can enrol in the first-year honours programme. The programme starts in October/November, which should give you enough time to settle into your regular studies first.

The programme is open to first-year students from all programmes. Together you'll study the various scientific fields and their relation to society. This will not only teach you more about your own field but at the same time you'll learn how to look beyond the borders of your own academic discipline.

This programme is a lighter version of the Bachelor's and Master's honours programmes. The additional workload is around 12.5% (approximately 210 hours). No credits will be granted. Meeting all the criteria will earn you a special Honours diploma.

Bachelor's students
Interdisciplinary honours programme for Bachelor's students
This programme offers talented and ambitious students the opportunity to look beyond the borders of their own academic field.

In addition to your regular studies
Honours programmes are taken alongside your regular studies. The programme begins during the second year of your Bachelor's programme and takes 18 months to complete. Classes for the honours programme are generally scheduled in the evening. The programme does not affect your regular studies.

Challenging and intensive
This intensive programme will be taught by first-rate scholars, will allow you to meet students from other programmes and to also carry out research which has been commissioned by companies or government agencies. The programme is fun, challenging, creative and personal. But, it's also intensive. The extra workload works out at about 630 hours.

For more information please see: Radboud Honours Academy