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Studying abroad

Why? Spending time studying abroad or taking part in an internship is an unforgettable experience. It's not only a big adventure, but it also looks great on your CV and it's good for your personal development. With boundaries becoming more blurred it's now even easier to spend time studying abroad. The Faculty of Social Sciences has a large number of international contacts and offers you support in planning your own overseas stay making it even easier to realise your dream of studying abroad!

See your field in a new perspective Spending time abroad can obviously be quite daunting but it can also be very rewarding. It's a unique opportunity to take a peek at another academic world, to attend lectures that are not offered here and to consequently broaden your perspective of your own field. It also offers you the chance to greatly expand your knowledge of another culture and language.

It'll look great on your CV Students with international experience have the edge over other students when it comes to potential employers. Their overseas experience has taught them to deal with the unknown, to adapt to situations more easily and to be more flexible. That's why employers believe that students with international contacts make more interesting applicants. By studying abroad now, you're already making a smart career move for later!

Personal enrichment On the whole, an overseas experience, like studying abroad, is a lot of fun. Students are almost always enthusiastic when they come back to Nijmegen. They've met a lot of new people and have made loads of new friends. After many years, a lot of students are still in touch with the people they met during their time abroad.

If you're interested to learn more, go to the website International Office Social Sciences. For questions, please contact the internationalisation officer of the psychology and AI department: internationalofficer@ai.ru.nl.