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Recommended Electives B3

Code AI Courses EC
SOW-BKI208/209 Capita Selecta 3/6
Psychology Courses
SOW-PSB3BC15N Brain &Cognition 3 6
SOW-PSB3BC25N Neurophysiology of Cognition and Behaviour 4
SOW-PSB3BC30N Human Motor Control and Sport 4
SOW-PSB3BC35N Signal Analysis and MATLAB 4
SOW-PSB3BC40N Learning, Remembering and Forgetting 4
SOW-PSB3BC45N Consciousness and Perception 4
SOW-PSB2BE10N Behaviour & Environment 2: Work in organisations 5
SOW-PSB3BE15N Behaviour & Environment 3: Cognition, attitude and motivation 6
SOW-PSB3BE50N Organizational Psychology 4
SOW-PSB3BE40N Work Psychology 4
SOW-PSB3BE25N Evolutionary Foundations of Human Behaviour 4
SOW-PSB2SP05N Emotion 6
SOW-PSB2SP25N Language and Communication 6
SOW-PSB2SP55N Learning and Behaviour 6
FNWI courses
NWI-I00036 ICT en samenleving (ICT and Society) (Dutch) 3
NWI-IBC003 Berekenbaarheid (Dutch) 3
NWI-IBC028 Complexiteit (Dutch) 3
NWI-IBC026 Semantiek en correctheid (Dutch) 3
NWI-IPC021 Security (Dutch lecture - English material) 6
NWI-IBK004 Onderhandelen en veranderen (Dutch) 3
NWI-IPC019 Modelleren (Dutch) 3
NWI-WB010B Discrete wiskunde 1 (Dutch) 3
NWI-WB011D Discrete wiskunde 2 (Dutch) 3
Language Technology Courses
LET-TWB114 Informatieverwerking (Dutch) 5
LET-TWB129 Fonetiek (Dutch) 5
LET-TWB321 Neurolinguistiek (Dutch) 5
LET-TWB238 Generatieve syntaxis (Dutch) 5
Theory of Education Courses
SOW-PWB1050 Educational Sciences (Dutch) 4
Management Science Courses
MAN-BCU201B Operationeel management en logistiek (Dutch) 6
MAN-BCU322A Knowledge Management 6
MAN-BIN116EN Introduction to Economics and Business IE&B 6
MAN-BKV39 Innovatiemanagement (Dutch) 6