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Enrolment for examinations

Registration for a course implies automatically enrolment for the exam as well. This means you do not need to enrol separately for the exam.

If you fail an exam, you are entitled to one resit. You are required to enrol for the resit on Osiris. Please note: so this is not done automatically and you will have to take action yourself, no later than five days before the resit.

Checking examination marks

After completing a course, you can see what mark you received on Osiris. Osiris also allows you to compile an overview of all your marks. This will help you to monitor the progress of your studies. Consult the instructional video.

Advance notice of cancellation

If you cannot take an exam due to exceptional circumstances, send a cancellation email to OSP@socsci.ru.nl, stating the reason. The Examining Board will assess your cancellation. If your cancellation is approved, you may still take part in the resit and will be enrolled for it. Please note: if you do not cancel on time, you will receive a 0 and may not take part in the resit.