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Speciality courses

In B2 you will make your own choice of two so-called Specialty Courses (SP-code, 6 EC each), in which you analyse a major psychological theme, from biological, psychological and social angles.

With a purposeful choice of your Specialty Courses, you can also begin to develop your own profile as a future psychologist.

Course Code Course Title
SOW-PSB2SP80E Religion and Spirituality
SOW-PSB2SP05E Emotion
SOW-PSB2SP50E Motivation and Performance
SOW-PSB2SP10E Conscious and Unconscious Processes
SOW-PSB2SP15E Perception, Action & Development
SOW-PSB2SP20E Mental Load and Stress
SOW-PSB2SP25E Language and Communication
SOW-PSB2SP55E Learning and Behaviour
SOW-PSB2SP60E Development of Primary Relationships
SOW-PSB2SP65E Pain Perception and Treatment
SOW-PSB2SP70E Development of Pro- and Antisocial Behaviour
SOW-PSB2SP30E Eating Behaviour
SOW-PSB2SP75E Culture and Behaviour