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Mentoring takes place throughout the entire Bachelor’s programme and is coupled to Academic Skills for Psychologists and the Research Projects 1, 2, and 3. Mentoring is an obligatory study component.

First-year programme
During your first year, your AS/RP1 tutor will also serve as your mentor. During AS/RP1 sessions, you will work on your study portfolio. This is a personal report based on prescribed themes, in which you reflect on yourself, your studies, your possibilities and your progress. The tutor will assist you in this process. In addition, you will have two individual progress assessments with your mentor during the course of the B1 year. You will discuss:

  • Whether you feel at home in the programme in Nijmegen
  • Whether the programme matches your interests and expectations
  • Your academic results
  • Whether you want to continue your Psychology programme
  • Whether we believe you can successfully complete your academic studies
  • Whether you are a suitable candidate for an honours programme.

B2 and B3
Mentoring in B2 and B3 consists of four obligatory assignments to reflect on your academic and professional development and to explore the professional field of psychologists and your future job preferences and opportunities. You will also focus on your profile as graduated psychologisct, and decide on your domain electives, a possible period of study abroad and your future master's programme.  
Do not forget to enrol for Mentoring in B2/3 via Blackboard, because this will not be done automatically!

It is up to you when and how to work on these assignments. However, we do organize several study guidance meetings en workshops to help and inspire. See Blackboard for the workshop calendar.