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Domain electives Development & Mental Health

Course code Course title
SOW-PSB3DH65N Communication Skills
SOW-PSB3DH20N Psychodiagnostics in Health Care
SOW-PSB3DH25N Prevention in mental Health Disorders
SOW-PSB3DH30N Fear, Anxiety and Related Disorders
SOW-PSB3RS35N Applied Research Methods: Brain & Cognition
SOW-PSB3DH45N Affective Science and Psychopathology
SOW-PSB3DH40N Early Development: Chances and Risks
SOW-PSB3DH50N Psychotherapy
SOW-PSB3DH55N Adolescence: Chances and Risks
SOW-PSB3DH60N Adulthood and Ageing: Chances and Risks