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Courses and interim examinations

Student Portal
The Student Portal contains relevant information for current students. Through this Portal you can read your e-mail, check your timetable, retrieve your grades as well as register for courses and interim examinations. You can reach the portal through http://www.ru.nl/currentstudents/ where you can login with your student number and password which you receive from the Student Affairs Office after having registered as a student at the university.


To be able to participate in courses, practices, working groups etc. you have to register yourself through the Student Portal. For courses with working groups that are not visible in the Student Portal, look for information on Blackboard. As soon as you register for a course, you are automatically registered for the corresponding (written) interim examination.

In case you only take part in the interim examination, you still need to register for the corresponding course as this registration gives you access to the course's information on the Blackboard Site. After expiration of the registration period, you can request registration for a course and the corresponding interim examination until 5 workdays before the interim examination at the Educational Service Point (OSP - www.ru.nl/fsw/osp). To avoid problems though, it is advisable to register immediately at the start of the course.

Signing out
If you have registered for a course but decide not to take part, you have to sign out. This can be done through the Student Portal. If the course already started at that moment, inform the responsible lecturer too. For more information about signing out, contact the Educational Service Point.

Interim examinations

As soon as you register for a course, you are automatically registered for the corresponding (written) interim examination. If you want to take the examination without following the course - for example because you have to resit the examination of a course of a former year - you can also register for the interim examination directly through the Student Portal. However, for current information about the content of the course and to access course information in Blackboard, we advise you to register for the course too and thus automatically for the interim examination.

Signing out
If you decide not to take part in an interim examination, you need to sign out for that examination. This can be done until 5 workdays before the examination through the Student Portal or through the Educational Service Point. If the time for signing out has expired, report as quickly as possible at the Educational Service Point to settle this. Not signing out when not taking part results in the registration of a mark 0. This can influence the establishment of your degree result. So singing out in time is important.

Registration for resits
You can register for the resit of an examination after the results of the examination have been published. This is at least three weeks before the resit takes place. In order to be allowed to take part in the resit, you need to register at least 5 days before the examination date. When you have not registered in time, contact Educational Service Point as soon as possible. The head of the Educational Service Point will decide whether registration is still possible.

General proceedings at examinations

Most compulsory examinations are organised by the Educational Service Point. When registering for a course, students are automatically registered for its examination. Obviously, students have to comply with certain rules, especially when many students participate in the examination. You are expected to be acquainted with the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). Below, you can some general proceedings. Study them in order to avoid surprises.

Some general tips:

  • Arrive on time. When you need to travel, allow for possible delays. When you fail to participate due to late arrival, you can only participate again during the resit. No individual resits are organised.
  • You are allowed to enter the examination location until half an hour after the official scheduled time. This half hour is reserved for unexpected delays (flat tire etc.). No one will be allowed after this half hour. The reason therefore is that participants are allowed to leave the examination location after half an hour.

The arrangement of the examination location is published through the Student Portal. Look there at least one day before the examination so you know the exact location where your examination will take place. Examinations are organised all over the university campus. In your examination schedule on the website, you will find official information on data and times, but not on locations. In case of doubt, contact the Educational Service Point.

Participation in examinations

Participant's number
The arrangement of the examination location for all compulsory examinations is published through the Student Portal. Lists containing participant's numbers will be posted on the door of the examination location. Remember the participation number that you will find in front of your name on this list and report with this number to the right location. Be in time; you may have to go to another building which takes time. Students who arrive late disturb students who are already at work. Besides, you are not allowed to make up for lost time.

At the start of the examination, the invigilator will request to identify yourself using a valid student card. In case you forgot your student card, identification with a passport, driver's licence, or OV-card (public transport card), is also possible.

You are only allowed to take pencils and pens with you, unless other items are explicitly allowed. In case calculators are allowed, everyone has to bring his/her own. It is not allowed to join a calculator with other students.

Handing in your examination
When you are ready, you can hand in your examination, bearing the participant's number, to the invigilator. Wait until the invigilator has checked everything. He/she will tick off your name on the participants list when everything is complete. If the invigilator has not marked the participant's list for correct submission, your examination may be declared void. Leave the hall as silently as possible, other students may still be working.

Multiple choice examinations
For multiple choice examinations, you can bring a pencil or pen to fill in the response leaf. You cannot correct a mistake by rubbing it out. This renders the response leaf illegible for computers. When you have made a mistake, finish your examination and ask for a new response leaf from the invigilator. The leaf containing the mistake has to be submitted too.

Take care to fill in the response leaf correctly and to sign it. Check whether you have correctly filled in the number of the version of your response leaf as well as your student number in the therefore reserved spaces. Response leafs with lacking (personal) data cannot be processed.

Announcement of examination results
As a rule, the results of multiple choice examinations, assignments and examinations with open questions are published within 15 workdays and can then be consulted through the Student Portal.

Results of assignments and examinations with open questions with more than 100 participants will be published within 20 workdays (see for more information in the EER: htpp://www.ru.nl/socialewetenschappen/onderwijs/oer_eer/). The Educational Service Point is responsible for the processing of results. Information on examination results is not given by telephone.

Survey of examination results
A survey of all your examination results can be consulted through the Student Portal. In case you need a printed version of this survey, you can submit a request at the Educational Service Point.