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General Provisions

Student Portal
Your Student Portal is the most important access to all facilities of the Radboud University. Access to the Portal is gained through the following link: https://student.ru.nl/portal/dt . Through the Portal, you can register for your courses, consult your e-mail (Share), look in Blackboard and verify your schedule.

At the outset of your study you will receive an e-mail address so you can send and receive e-mail or join discussion groups. You can find these possibilities on the home page of your Student Portal. The (web)mail facility at the University is called Share.

Network facilities
All PCs in the computer areas are linked to the Internet giving access to students to worldwide electronic files.

Computer areas
Below you can find a summary of the different PC (education)locations belonging to the Faculty of Social Sciences:

  • Spinoza, Basement (A.-1.03), 61 PC-park (free acces)
  • Spinoza.K55.A, 20 PC-classroom
  • Spinoza.K55.B, 20 PC-classroom
  • Standing workstations 19
  • Standing workstations 8 in de hal van Spinoza
  • Standing workstations 8 in DE-cafe van Spinoza
  • Standing workstations 2 bij het OSP
  • Standing workstations 2 in TvA 2.00
  • Standing workstations 4 in TvA 4.00.36
  • TvA6.00.03, 50 Study hall
  • TvA6.00.25, 14 PC-classroom
  • TvA6.00.26, 15 PC-classroom
  • TvA6.00.27, 14 PC-classroom
  • TvA6.-1, 69 Thesis writing workplace
  • TvA8.00.09 10

N.B. Lecturers of the Faculty of Social Sciences can reserve the PC-classrooms for teaching purposes. In that case, individual students have no access to the location. When vacant, the PC-classroomes can be used for individual purposes. To know the status of the locations, see: https://www.ru.nl/pc-zalen/ .

Printing facilities
Klick here to top up your credit, print, scan or copy and the Péage system on campus.

Certain software licences of the University's are available to students for free or at reduced costs. This software can be purchased through surfspot (containing a PDF English guide) or through UCI.

Research-technical support group (RTOG)
This department supplies research support for research projects of staff members and educational support for students. The emphasis lies on practical skills and the use of statistical software like SPSS. For more information: http://www.ru.nl/socialewetenschappen/rtog/  (in Dutch).

Thesis writing workplace TvA 4.00.31
1. General

As user of the PC-(classroom)areas from the Faculty of Social Sciences, you agree with the following rules and regulations:

  • You can identify yourself with your student card at all times;
  • No smoking;
  • No consumption of solid or liquid food;
  • Do not install software or in any way change settings of the available software;
  • You are always responsible for your own files; and
  • You comply with instructions of University employees at all times.

2. Priority
There are a set of priority rules for the use of the PC-(classroom)areas:

  • Education activities always have priority. Only in cases where the lecturer explicitly allows so can free working stations be used by students not following the same course;
  • During practicals for which reservations were made, students belonging to the course have priority above all other users;
  • Outside the reserved periods, the areas are available for students for activities linked to their courses.

Priority of activities:

  • Students making an assignment for a current course;
  • Students working on their thesis;
  • Other activities related to the studies;
  • All other computer activities (E-mail, Internet, etc.).

3. Thesis writing workplaces
Other general instructions besides the above mentioned ones for thesis writing workplaces of the Institute of Social Sciences:

  • Only students of the department have acces to these workplaces;
  • The workplaces can only be used for the writing of theses, not for other study related assignments;
  • Use of the Internet (including e-mail) is only allowed if related to the thesis writing process.