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This study guide contains the programme of the Master Anthropology and Development Studies 2016-2017. The Institute of Social Sciences is responsible for the organisation of this programme.

This study guide not only contains information concerning the course and the educational programme, you will also find information on the organisation of the education as well as practical matters. In the last chapter you will find the rules and regulations that count for all students belonging to the Institute of Social Sciences.
General information for students concerning the Radboud University, residing and living in Nijmegen, finances, student grants, admission and enrolment, provisions, student unions and student organisation, useful addresses and telephone numbers, can all be found on the website of the Radboud University http://www.ru.nl/english/ and http://www.ru.nl/currentstudents/.

The Radboud University Nijmegen is using a student Portal. This portal is an integrated, personalised operating environment supplying students with all sorts of important information and applications related to his/her study. The Portal is very user-friendly. As a student, you just need to log in once in order to be able to use the different applications. For example, you can use the Portal to read Blackboard messages, receive e-mails, create your personal RSS feeds, check your timetable and retrieve your examination results. Just log in using your student number and your password and open your personal page: https://portal.ru.nl/.
Also on behalf of all staff, I wish you a successful academic year.

Dr. P. Nelissen
Director Institute Social Sciences