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Specializations Scientific Staff Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies

Name Region/Country Theme
Dr. ir. Joost Beuving West and East Africa, in particular Benin and Uganda Anthropology of Economic Life in Africa, (African) Entrepreneurship, Economic Globalization
Dr. Sophie Bolt The Netherlands Donation, Death, Religion and Economic Anthropology
Drs. Tine Davids Latin America Gender Questions, Political Representation, Culture and Development, Transnationality and (re)Migration
Dr. Francien van Driel Sub-Sahara Africa Gender Questions, Social Organisation, Gender and Globalisation, Democratisation and Civil Society
Dr. Willem Elbers Ghana/India Civil Society, Power & Influence in Aid Chain, Organisational Behaviour
Dr. Edwin de Jong South East Asia Social Security, Local Networks, Development Economy
Dr. Femke Kaulingfreks
Dr. Luuk van Kempen Latin America Poverty, Household Behaviuor, Trust, Impact
Dr. Sara Kinsbergen Belgium Private Initiatives
Dr. Luuk Knippenberg Indonesia Transnational Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development
Dr. Anouk de Koning Europe, Middle East Urban Anthropology, Multicultural Society, Anthropology of Policy
Dr. ir. Martijn Koster Bolivia, Brazil, The Netherlands Urban governance, anthropology, (informal) politics, brokerage, space, citizen participation, citizenship and ethnography
Dr. Hans Marks Northern Europe in particular Sweden and the Netherlands Historical Anthropology, Kinship and Social Security
Prof. dr. Toon van Meijl Pacific; Polynesia Historical and Political Anthropology, Cultural Identity, Multiculturality, Ownership, Aboriginal peoples
Dr. Catrien Notermans Africa Marriage, Kinship, Religion, Gender and Childhood
Prof. dr. Ruerd Ruben Latin America Impact Analysis and Efficiency of Aid, Micro-finance, Micro-economy, Poverty Analysis, Value Chains and Rural Institutions (Cooperatives)
Dr. Lau Schulpen South Asia Development Cooperation, Private Sector Development, NGOs and Civil Society, Private Initiatives
Michiel Swinkels MSc (Western) Europe Policy Development, Migration and Integration, Ethnicity, Anthropology of the State, Political Framing, Discourses and Narratives
Dr. Anke Tonnaer Pacific Tourism, Globalisation, Rituals, Performance
Dr. Boris Verbrugge Southern Philippines Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), mineral resource governance, informal sector activity, state-society relations, and the political economy of armed conflict