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Course overview

Course code Course title EC
LET-REMA-LCEX10 (Automatic) Speech Recognition 6
SOW-MKI53 Academic Writing and Reviewing 3
SOW-MKI42A Advanced Research Methods 3
SOW-MKI57 Advances in Cognitive Robotics 6
SOW-MKI52 App-lab: Intelligent Mobile Apps 6
SOW-MKI55 Artificial and Natural Music Cognition 6
NWI-IMC012 Bayesian Networks 6
SOW-BS40 Behavioural Decision Making 5
SOW-BS31 Behaviour Regulation 5
SOW-MKI46 Brain-computer Interfacing practical course (BCI) 6
SOW-MKI10 Capita Selecta AI 3
SOW-MKI20 Capita Selecta AI 6
SOW-MKI40 Cognition and Complexity 6
NWI-I00054 Cognition and Representation 6
SOW-MKI61 Cognitive Computational Modeling of Language and Web Interaction 6
SOW-MKI49 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience 6
NWI-NM047B Computational Neuroscience 6
LET-TWM405 Computer-Assisted Language Learning 5
SOW-DGCN27 Developmental Cogitive Neuroscience 6
NWI-FFIL202A Evolution and the Mind 3
SOW-MKI93 Extended Research Project 48
NWI-IMC037 Intelligent systems in medical imaging 6
SOW-MKI82 Internship 18
NWI-IMC030 Machine Learning in Practice 6
SOW-MKI54 MatLab Skills 3
SOW-DGCN23 Motor control 6
SOW-MKI58 Multimodel Interaction 3
NWI-IMC042 Natural Computing 6
SOW-DGCN39 NeuroImaging II: Electrophysiological Methods 6
SOW-DGCN37 Neuroimaging II: Haemodynamic Methods 6
SOW-DGCN03 Neurophilosophy 6
SOW-DGCN44 Perception 6
SOW-MKI92 Research Project 30
SOW-MKI62 Research Seminar 6
SOW-MKI59 RobotLab Practical 3
SOW-DGCN26 Social Neurocognition 6
NWI-NB054E Statistical Machine Learning 6
LET-REMA-LCEX06 Text Mining 6
SOW-MKI37 Theoretical Cognitive Science 2: Science and society 3
SOW-MKI56 Theoretical Foundations for Cognitive Agents 6
SOW-MKI47 Trends in Artificial Intelligence 6
NWI-FFIL215 Upgrading the Human? Ethical and Philosophical Aspects of Human Enhancement 3
SOW-DGCN19 Using and Acquiring Multiple Languages 6
SOW-DGCN16 Word Recognition and Production 6