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CognAC Study Association

Almost all Artificial Intelligence students are members of CognAC, an active study association for and organised by students and created to improve mutual contact in a fun way.

All kind of activities are organised throughout the year. Every academic year starts with an introduction for first year students (both Bachelor and Master) and every month a CognAC evening is organised where AI students meet in a pub. Other activities are for example: bowling, gaming nights, yearly autumn walk, film evenings with AI related movies, paintball, theme-get-togethers, pubquiz, gala and other (theme) parties.

Of course, CognAC also organises programme/education related activities: study meetings, a family day, various excursions to companies and institutes that are AI related, visits to and/or organisation of symposia. We also organise a yearly exchange programme between AI students from Linköping (Sweden) and the AI students from Nijmegen.

Ordering Books
The easiest way to order your books is through CognAC. Each period, a list of necessary books is published. You can order these books on our CognAC website via a web portal of the bookstore. After ordering, the books will be delivered to your home.

How to participate
You can play an active role within the study association as there are, besides the board, commissions who organise various activities. Becoming a member of CognAC costs 7,50 Euro a year, or you can pay 20 Euro for the whole duration of your study.

Contact information
CognAC is located in the Spinoza A building, A.00.05b.
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