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Programme information for students who started their MSc Programme before 2014-2015

First year

  • MKI47 Trends in Artificial Intelligence (6 EC)

In order to specialise in at least one of the content domains BCI or CAI, select the required  core courses for either BCI of CAI (18 EC).

Specialisation: Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI)

  • MKI49 Computational Cognitive Neuroscience (6 EC)
  • MKI46 Brain-Computer Interfacing Practical course (6 EC)
  • MKI42A Advanced Research Methods (3 EC)+ MKI53 Academic Writing and Reviewing (3 EC) OR IMC030 Machine learning in practice (6E C)

Specialization: Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

  • IMC012 Bayesian and decision models in Artificial Intelligence (6 EC)
  • MKI40   Cognition & complexity (6 EC)
  • MKI42A Advanced Research Methods (3 EC)+ MKI53 Academic Writing and Reviewing (3 EC) OR  MKI58 Mulimodal Internactin (3EC) + MKI59 Robotlab Practical (3EC)

Select Restricted choice

For the remainder of the first year of your programme, you are to select up to 36 EC from the restricted elective courses.

  • Restricted choice courses (36 EC)

Note: also the 'core courses' for each of the specialisations can count as electives provided only that the course is not already selected as part of your specialisation.

Second year

The programme offers you  the option for a free choice of courses up to 12 EC

  • Free courses (12 EC)

These free choice courses can be selected from the list of restricted choice courses, or be any other course taught at the Radboud University. It is also possible to use this space in the curriculum to take courses abroad as part of an international visit to a different university).

You complete your Master's programme by performing an original research project (called the Master internship) supervised by researchers affiliated with the Department of Artificial Intelligence and/or external institutes, and finally, writing a scientific thesis on your research.

  • Master Internship (MKI81) and Master Thesis (MKI91) (48 EC)