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Study Guidance / Study Advisors

Substantive study guidance and the mentoring system
Substantive study guidance with respect to content is primarily provided by the handbooks, tutorials and practical sessions for each course. The information garnered from these resources and sessions, and their assignments and exercises, will indicate the skills and knowledge  you'll need to possess in order to pass the course.
All first-year Artificial Intelligence students are divided into tutorial groups which are supervised by a senior AI student (or student mentor). The tutorial groups meet up about 8 times a year. Topics for discussion include: practical matters such as course and examination enrolment as well as advice and tips on study skills, taking courses and preparing for examinations. The student mentor acts as the first point of contact for any study-related problems or questions.
We also have a mentor tutor who coordinates and supervises student mentoring. During their first year, each student will meet twice with the mentor to discuss his/her academic progress. In some cases, the student mentor or mentor tutor will refer the student to the student advisor (see below).
In the second and third years of the programme the study guidance is less intensive but you can still speak to teaching staff or visit the student advisor if you have any questions.

Study advisor
The study advisor is a key figure when it comes to study guidance and is the person to go to for all your study-related questions or problems. This not only includes help with time-management and study tips, extra information about rules and regulations or exceptions, references to other authorities and information sources, advice regarding your choices or doubts you may have regarding your studies but also advice about extra courses or gaining experience alongside your studies. If you're having personal problems you can also contact one of the student advisors in the following ways:

Drop in during open visiting hours (no appointment necessary): Wednesday and Thursday 12:30-13:30 - SpB.00.67A
Email the student advisor: n.muts@ai.ru.nl or
Make an appointment by following this procedure:

  1. Click this link
  2. Open the page of your programm (e.g. Psychology/ AI)
  3. Click on the tab student advisor to make an appointment
  4. Fill out the full form on this page and submit
  5. The Education Service Point will send a confirmation of your appointment to your e-mail address. This confirmation also has information on  how to change the appointment if needed
  6. One day before your appointment you will receive a reminder

We strongly advise all students who are affected by exceptional circumstances to contact the student advisor. This not only includes students with a disability or handicap or students who participate in top-level sports but also students who are affected by other exceptional circumstances (such as illness, special family circumstances or personal circumstances) and are worried that this will slow down their studies. For these students the university offers provisions, for which you may want to submit a claim, but these are normally only available when the claim is submitted on time.

Academic guidance
The Student Affairs Office has a number of counsellors at the central administrative level. These include student psychologists, who can help you with personal problems of a psychological nature, and study advisors, who can help you if you are having problems choosing your study.
The Student Affairs Office also provides a number of study skills courses throughout the year. Information about all these services can be found on the RU website (http://www.ru.nl/currentstudents/) under "Counseling".

Lots of information about changes to the programme and the programme itself can be found on the Blackboard sites for each course and also on the AI Programme Blackboard site as a whole. Make sure you check here regularly for the latest notifications regarding important announcements, information sessions and events and curriculum information.