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List of courses

Course code Course title EC
SOW-BS14 Advanced Methods in Behavioural Research 3
SOW-BS40 Behavioural Decision Making 5
SOW-BS31 Behaviour Regulation 5
SOW-BS37 Developmental Psychopathology 5
SOW-BS43 Diagnosis and Treatment 5
SOW-BS44 Dynamics of Complex Systems 5
SOW-BS32 Emotion 5
SOW-BS35 Interpersonal Relations and Interactions 5
SOW-BS41A Learning and Learning Problems 5
SOW-BS28A Major Research Project 26
SOW-BS19A Minor Research Project 12
SOW-BS33A Motivation, Influence and Communication 5
SOW-BS29 MSc Thesis 20
SOW-BS38 Neuroscience of Behaviour 5
SOW-BS21 Philosophy of Behavioural Science 3
SOW-BS15A Professional Skills for Researchers 4
SOW-BS85 Programming Skills: Python 3
SOW-BS34 Psychobiology of Behaviour 5
SOW-BS42 Psychopathology, Prevention, and Intervention 5
SOW-BS36 Socialization and Education 5
SOW-BS11A State of the Art Behavioural Science 1
SOW-BS82 Statistics: Analyzing in R 3
SOW-BS83 Statistics: Mixed-Effects Models 3
SOW-BS81 Statistics: Multivariate Analysis 3
SOW-BS84 Statistics: Structural Equation Modeling 3
SOW-BS39 Stress and Health Behaviour 5
SOW-BS70 Workshops 1