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PSB3B35N Signal Analysis and Matlab

PSB3BC35N Signal Analysis and Matlab

Credits: 4 ec. Lecturer: Dr. in. L.P.J. Selen

Bachelor's course given in English. Computer practical exercises should also be handed in in English. (see also:  https://sis.ru.nl/osiris-student/OnderwijsCatalogusSelect.do?selectie=cursus&collegejaar=2016&cursus=SOW-PSB3BC35N

The aim of this course is to gain basic understanding of signal analysis techniques for neuroscience (MEG and fMRI) and learn the syntax to implement them in Matlab.

Note that a similar course is being taught by Dr. Selen at the AI department. The course MKI54 is a Master’s level course within the AI programme. This means that the credits for this course may be taken as part of your elective coursework (3ec). However, it is important to emphasize that for this course a background in programming is necessary and there will be less guidance.