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Course overview

Cursuscode Cursustitel EC
SOW-SCS110 Categorical data analysis 3
SOW-SCS115 Comparative anthropological research 6
SOW-SCS117 Comparative communication research 6
SOW-SCS108 Comparative development research 6
SOW-SCS104 Comparative methodology 3
SOW-SCS204 Comparative research methods, models and programming (Optional course) 6
SOW-SCS111 Comparative research project 12
SOW-SCS102 Comparative social theories 6
SOW-SCS101 Comparative societal questions 3
SOW-SCS105 Comparative sociological research 6
SOW-SCS203 Data compilation and documentation (Optional course) 6
SOW-SCS207 Internship (Optional course) 12
SOW-SCS121 Mixed methods 6
SOW-SCS205 MSc Thesis 42
SOW-SCS103 Multilevel analysis and event history analysis 6
SOW-SCS119 Radicalization 6
SOW-SCS120 Solidarities 6
SOW-SCS107 Structural equation modeling 3