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Admission requirements

Applicants for the RMSCS have to apply by sending a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae,  two letters of recommendation by lectures or supervisors (with contact details), and copies of the certificates mentioned below to the examination board. Applicants of the institute may obtain a standard letter of recommendation for the applicant to complete.

The Examination Board decides about the admission by means of an individual check which may include a personal interview. Candidates will be selected on the basis of their prior education and qualifications in social science research and the strength of their motivation to become a scientific researcher.

To the individual procedure are admitted Bachelor graduates who passed with good results the Bachelor's examination in sociology, cultural anthropology, development studies, communication science, economics, political science, public or business administration or human geography at university level, or a Bachelor's examination that the examination board deems to be equivalent.

The Examination Board may decide that a candidate is admitted to the MSc programme in spite of deficits, but may request the candidate to take additional courses in the Faculty.

Candidates will be formally enrolled in the RMSCS only after they have passed the final examination of their bachelor programme. Those who have not passed all interim bachelor examinations may be tentatively admitted to the Research Master's Programme, provided that the candidate is deficient in bachelor examinations to a total of not more than 15 EC. They are required to have successfully completed the final bachelor examination by the end of the first year of the Research Master's Programme. Otherwise, they are not eligible to take the courses and supervisory offered in the second year.

Next to the documents mentioned above the following certificates are required for admission:

1. Copy of pre-university diploma(s). Foreign certificates should be accompanied by legally-certified Englisch transcripts;
2. Copy of BA-diploma mentioned above or equivalent. Foreign certificates should be accompanied by legally-certified English transcripts;
3. List of the results of the interim examinations of the bachelor programme;
4. If appropriate, list of the bachelor interim examinations the candidate has not yet passed, including their ec;
5. Proof of adequate command of the English language as determined in article 1.7.2 of the EER;
6. Copy of passport.