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The rules regarding minors

The rules regarding minors are listed below:

  • You can choose from two minors, each worth 15 EC, or one minor worth 30 EC from the selection in the minor guide.
  • Space is created for minors in the curriculum for each degree programme. See your individual degree programme’s study guide for the curriculum.
  • The choice of minors from the selection is entirely free, with the condition that you must meet any entry requirements at the minor or course level.
  • You may choose one elective minor. An elective minor must be approved by the Examination Board.
  • You can choose up to 15 EC of first-year courses when filling your minor space.
  • A minor taken outside of the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies counts as an elective minor.
  • Multiple minors taken abroad are permitted. These “study abroad minors” do not count as elective minors.
  • The Faculty minor only starts if more than five students register for them. Minor courses for which less than five students have registered will be converted into guided individual study.
  • When registering for a minor, you must register for both the minor and the individual courses within the minor. Registration for minors occurs simultaneously with the registration for courses.