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Elective space for minors

If you started a Bachelor’s programme in September 2014 or later at the Faculty of Arts, the Bachelor’s programme is structured as follows:
Each Bachelor’s programme is comprised of 180 EC, which is made up of 135 EC for the major (the “main subject”), 30 EC worth of minors and 15 EC for the Geesteswetenschappen (Humanities) core curriculum.

Elective space for the minors has been created within the Bachelor’s programmes at different points within the curriculum. In one programme, for instance, you may follow a minor in the second semester of the second year and the first semester of the third year, while in other programmes the minors might both be part of the first semester of the third year. More information about the programme and the placement of the minors in the curriculum can be found in the study guide of your degree programme.