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Faculty Board

The Faculty Board directs and manages the faculty. The faculty policy is determined by the Dean in close consultation with the co-management and the faculty participation.

The members of the Faculty Board are:

The board has weekly meetings. A student (Dutch title: assessor) is present at these meetings to represent the students of the faculty. The secretary organises the meetings and advises the board.

Jasper Uiterwaal

Annabel Dirkzwager

Jasper Uiterwaal MA

Annabel Dirkzwager
Student Representative
(Assessor) 2021-2022

For all decisions on research or education the board is assisted by the director of research and the director of education. The board meets with them every two weeks.

Prof. Dr. Carla Rita Palmerino
Director of Research

Dr. Cees Leijenhorst
Director of Education