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Faculty Student Council (FSR)

The Student Council is made up of six student members. The Student Council's tasks include:

  • ratification of faculty decisions made by the Dean regarding educational quality care, student policy and the faculty facilities provided for students;
  • advisory rights regarding educational performance and matters over which the student council has ratification authority;
  • information rights; the Dean is obliged to supply the FSR in good time with full information that in all fairness the FSR will require to perform its duties properly.

The FSR and the Education Committee can often be found in the Representatives’ room. Students with questions or complaints can enquire there.

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies FSR members

FSR FFTR 1 september 2020 - 1 september 2021
Luisa Koch
Thembi Lamsberg
Marit van der Wielen
Lenneke Geerts
Maud Dingemans
Ajuna Soerjadi

Representatives’ room
Erasmus building
14th floor, room E 14.03A

Student Council


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