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Student-staff committee

The student-staff programme committee (OLC) monitors the quality of education, among others by:

  • advising about the Education and Examination Regulations;
  • assessing the implementation of the Education and Examination Regulations every year;
  • advising the dean and the director of education on all matters concerning educational programmes.


You may contact the student-staff committee for matters concerning the educational programmes. The student members can be found in the representatives room (E14.03A). You may also send input by e-mail:

Members student-staff committee Philosophy 2018-2019

  • dr. ing. Leon de Bruin (chairperson)
  • dr. ir. Frederik Bakker
  • dr. Annabelle Dufourcq
  • dr. Chris Buskes
  • Lean Mulder
  • Leon Verrips
  • Lenneke Geerts
  • Willeke Knottnerus
  • dr. Renée Wagenvoorde (secretary)

Members student-staff committee Theology 2018-2019

  • prof. dr. Daniela Müller (chairperson)
  • dr. Joshua Furnal
  • Simone Landman
  • Lisa Schmeinck
  • dr. Renée Wagenvoorde (secretary)

Members student-staff committee Religious Studies 2018-2019

  • prof. dr. Hans Schilderman (chairperson)
  • dr. Jorge Castillo Guerra
  • dr. Martijn de Koning
  • prof. dr. Ellen van Wolde
  • Karlijn van Brakel
  • Simone Landman
  • Amber Lynn Potjes
  • Flore Sips
  • dr. Renée Wagenvoorde (secretary)

Members student-staff committee Research master Philosophy 2018-2019

  • dr. Veronica Vasterling (chairperson)
  • prof.dr. Gert-Jan van der Heiden
  • Sarah Bloem
  • Ilaria Flisi
  • dr. Renée Wagenvoorde (secretary)