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Structure of the curriculum

The programme is structured as follows:

First year (60 EC)

  • A two-semester seminar on research methodologies (20 EC)
  • One Research Master seminar in your area of specialisation (10 EC)
  • An elective Master course of your own choice (10 EC)
  • Two Research Master seminars of your own choice (2 x 10 EC)

Second Year (60 EC)

  • A Research Master seminar in your area of specialisation (10 EC)
  • An elective Master course of your own choice (10 EC)
  • A Research Essay (10 EC)
  • A Research Master thesis (30 EC)

Shown schematically, the two years of the Research Master programme will be structured as follows:

First semester Second semester
Methods and Skills (10 EC) Methods and Skills (10 EC)
Elective Master course (10 EC) Research Master Seminar (10 EC)
Research Seminar (10 EC) Research Master Seminar (10 EC)
Third semester Fourth semester
Research Master seminar (10 EC) Master thesis (30 EC)
Research essay (10 EC)
Elective Master course (10 EC)

Note that if you already have an MA degree in philosophy, you can apply for a waiver; depending on your previous course work, you may even be allowed to enter directly into the second year of this programme. For more information see the sections Course work and Rules and regulations of this study guide.