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Questions, complaints, appeals and objections

The study advisors are your first point of call for any queries or complaints.

They will answer your question directly or point you in the direction of the appropriate person to address your question or complaint to. You can also contact the academic advisors if you wish to file an objection with the CBE (Examination Appeals Board).

Do you have a question for the exam committee?
Ask the Philosophy Board of Examiners a question
Ask the Theology and Religious Studies Board of Examiners a question

Do you have a complaint?

You can contact the student-staff committee if you wish to complain about the content of a course. To report other complaints, for example regarding how you have been treated or campus facilities etc, please contact the Central Complaint Office.

Do you wish to appeal to the Examinations Appeal Board regarding a decision made by the exam committee or the examiners? More information regarding submitting an appeal.

In the event of an appeal, please bear in mind the following:

If you do not agree with a binding recommendation, an exam result(s), an exam committee decision, or if you feel you have been unfairly treated and this has lead to a conflict with a lecturer or an authority involved, then you can appeal in writing to the CBE (the university's Examination Appeals Board) within six weeks of the results being published. Grounds on which you may appeal include for example conflict with the EER or perceived unreasonableness or unfairness. In the first instance, please contact the examiner involved or the Examination Board. If desired or required, students and/or lecturers can request mediation intervention by the study advisor or the Examination Board secretary. Contact with the examiner, study advisor or Examination Board does not reduce the period within which an appeal must be lodged with the CBE (NB: this is within six weeks of the decision or the results being published). A pro forma appeal to the CBE may be desirable in any event.

Would you like to lodge an objection with the Executive Board against a written decision made by or on behalf of the Executive Board? More information about submitting an objection.