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List of BMS courses

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Students who want to subscribe for the BMS-courses of 2018/2019 need to check the studyguide of 2018/2019, which you can find here: http://www.ru.nl/prospectus/2018/fmw/

All 3 ECs courses are scheduled in 4-week periods:

  1. Sept 4th – Sept 29th
  2. Oct 2nd – Oct 27th
  3. Oct 30th – Nov 24th
  4. Nov 27th – Dec 22nd
  5. Jan 8th – Feb 2nd
  6. Feb 5th – Mar 2nd
  7. Mar 5th – Mar 30th

a = Monday/Tuesday contact hours, time for self study or exam (final week) on Wednesdays

b = Thursday/Friday contact hours, time for self study on Wednesdays.

Exceptions are courses MED-BMS11 (BROK) and MED-BMS12 (Radiation safety). Those courses are only 1.5 ECTS and it is possible to follow them parallel to two regular 3 ECTS courses. They will also be scheduled in four week periods and will rely on self study and contact hours on Wednesdays. This means that, if you decide to subscribe for two 3 ECTS courses and one of those modules in addition, your study load will be high that period.

Furthermore: the content of MED-BMS48 in period 2a is same as in 7a and the content of MED-BMS14 in period 4b is same as in 7b. The content of MED-BMS67b is the same as MED-BMS67.

Please click on the course code or title to get more information.

Period 1a: Monday and Tuesday

Period 1b: Thursday and Friday

Period 2a: Monday and Tuesday

Period 2b: Thursday and Friday

Period 2c: Wednesday

Period 3a: Monday and Tuesday

Period 3b: Thursday and Friday

Period 3c: Wednesday

Period 4a: Monday and Tuesday

Period 4b: Thursday and Friday

Period 4c: Wednesday

Period 5a: Monday and Tuesday

Period 5b: Thursday and Friday

Period 6a: Monday and Tuesday

Period 6b: Thursday and Friday

MED-BMS18 Systematic reviews and meta-analyses                         (canceled in 2017/2018)
MED-BMS21 Neurodevelopmental disorders: bench to bedside
MED-BMS34 Reconstructive and regenerative medicine
MED-BMS68 Urological cancers

Period 7a: Monday and Tuesday

Period 7b: Thursday and Friday

Period 8a: Monday and Tuesday

MED-BMS01 Thinking critically about science

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