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Donders Centre for Medical Neuroscience

The DCMN’s mission includes conducting interdisciplinary research of excellence at the unique interface between genetic, molecular and cellular processes, on the one hand, and clinical and system-level neuroscience (including cognitive and behavioral readouts) on the other. In doing so, it aims to have a significant impact on the prevention, diagnosis, staging and treatment of specific brain-based disorders.

The Donders Institute is a cross-faculty institute and is home to a large number of dedicated researchers. They share the common goal of contributing to the advancement of brain, cognitive and behavioral sciences through investigator-driven research, and of improving health, education and technology by applying advances in this field.

The research at the Donder’s Institute focuses on four themes:

  1. Language and communication
  2. Perception, action and control
  3. Plasticity and memory
  4. Brain networks and neuronal communication

A majority of the Radboudumc researchers work- ing on the themes Alzheimer’s disease, Neurode- velopement disorders, and Stress-related disorders, work together within the context of Donders Institute’s Plasticity and memory theme. A majority of the Radboudumc researchers working on the themes Disorders of movement and Sensory disorder work together within the context of Donders Intute’s Perception, action and control theme. In addition some Radboudumc researchers work in the context of the Donders Institute’s Brain networks and neur communication theme.

Mentors available within the DCMN:
Nael Nadif-Kasri (Department of Genetics)


Marcel Verbeek (Department of Neurology)


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