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Biomedical topics

Biomedical topics that interest you

The third question you need to answer is: what biomedical topics interest me? Perhaps you are interested in infectious diseases, cancer research, or movement disorders? Are you interested in issues of global health and fair distribution of resources, or neurodegenerative disorders?

This choice is going to govern your choice for specific courses, as well as your internships. Your mentor is there to help you sorting out. If you have consulted with your mentor and understand what are your interests, ambitions, and strengths, then you can start choosing specific courses and internships, and planning your master’s programme.

If you don’t know your interests yet it might be a good idea to survey the different research themes the Radboudumc focusses on, read the papers while monitoring your heartbeat, and talk to people!

For BMS courses taught at Radboudumc, see the 'List of BMS courses'.

For more information on the requirements or procedures, see: Requirements or Procedures.

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