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Contact addresses MMD programme

role / committee name description function contact
Programme Director

Prof. dr. Roland Brock

Director of the MSc programme Molecular Mechanisms of Disease


Programme Coordinator Ms. dr. Helma Pluk Coordinator of the programme


024-36 10962

Academic Advisor Ms. dr. Helma Pluk see paragraph 5.2.1 via eStip or Helma.Pluk@radboudumc.nl
MMD Mentor personal see paragraph 2.3 mentor is assigned at the beginning of the programme
Education Management Team (OMT)

Prof. dr. Roland Brock (chair)

Ms. dr. Helma Pluk (secretary)

The OMT-MMD is responsible for the execution of all education activities in the Master's degree programme in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease.

Also, applications for financial compensation for Knowledge Transfer components or Elective courses should be addressed to the OMT.


Programme Committee

Dr. Peter van der Kraan (chair)

Ms. Ing. Sandra Sünnen (secretary)

see paragraph 5.4


Board of Examiners

Dr. Johan van der Vlag (chair)

Ms. Linda Taylor (secretary)

The Board of Examiners meets several times per year to keep up to date with the study progress of the students, to decide on received study plans of students and to assess whether a student has fulfilled the requirements for the Master examination. The Board of Examiners assesses individual changes to the standard curriculum. See appendix 2.



Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences Prof. dr. René Bindels (director) RIMLS is one of the six research institutes of Radboud university medical center. The MSc Molecular Mechanisms of Disease is part of the graduate school of RIMLS. http://www.rimls.nl/