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Guidelines elective components


The elective components of the MMD programme offer the possibility to gain broader and more in-depth knowledge and skills in the field of molecular life sciences connected to disease. It is also possible to follow elective courses to fill knowledge gaps (e.g. bioinformatics courses, animal physiology).


  • The study load of elective courses should be at least 1.5 EC (5 work days). Shorter courses can be part of Knowledge Transfer (MED-MMKT).
  • Electives must be in the area of life sciences and must be at academic level. A maximum of 6 EC may be spent doing a Bachelor's course if this covers knowledge gaps. The remaining study load must be done in master's or PhD courses.
  • Electives must be examined and graded. Exception is Knowledge Transfer (MED-MMKT), which is not graded.
  • Students should discuss their choices of elective components with their Mentor.
  • Before the start of an elective component, the component must have been approved by the Board of Examiners as part of the study plan(see paragraph 2.2). Students are responsible for submitting their (preliminary) study plan to the Board of Examiners at least two weeks before their meeting.
  • The study load of electives in both years together should be 11.0 EC. Since the opportunities during the second year can be more limited, students are encouraged to follow more elective courses during the first year. The first internship may take a bit longer because of that.
  • Knowledge Transfer (MED-MMKT) is an option for an elective course with a study load of 3.0 EC.

In year 1, elective courses can take place from January to July, depending on the course. Elective courses can be a module where students are studying every day for a certain number of days/weeks, or the courses can be every morning/afternoon for a certain number of weeks/months. It is very important to discuss your ideas and choices with your Mentor as early as possible so that you can make the arrangements in time. In year 2, from October to December there is time available for elective courses.

The following paragraphs describe several options for elective courses. Please find the description of elective course 'MED-MMKT Knowledge Transfer' in the course descriptions.