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RIMLS Principal Investigators

Research Training Period 1 is supervised by one of the RIMLS Principal Investigators (all types: Radboudumc-PI, Radboudumc-junior-PI, RIMLS group leader, Faculty of Sciences group leader) and the report is assessed by an external assessor, who is an RIMLS PI (all types).

Research training period 2 is generally performed abroad (students with Dutch BSc and international students) or in the RIMLS or in another Dutch research institute (international students). In both cases, the external assessor is an RIMLS PI.

The Board of Examiners will assign the External Assessor for both Research Training Periods. Please note that the Board of Examiners requires that the 'research training period 1 supervisor' is a different person than the 'research training period 2 external assessor'. This is to prevent personal bias in the assessment of the research training periods.

Descriptions of the research interests of the RIMLS PIs are found on the RIMLS website.

Descriptions of projects that are available for MMD students can be found on Blackboard in the MMD Student Community (login needed).

Radboudumc PI's are affiliated to one or two research institutes. The description of all research institutes is found on the Radboudumc website.

Overview of RIMLS PIs; see the RIMLS website(check "our people" to find assistant, associate and full professors who can act as internship supervisor; molecular-research oriented Radboudumc PIs can also act as internship supervisor)