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Research Training Period 1

The first Research Training Period (RTP) covers 25 weeks, including 2 weeks of elective courses, 1 week Scientific Skills and the writing of a report (~2 weeks). The first RTP takes place in the RIMLS. To spread the workload and benefits, only one MMD student can do their (first) internship in the group of a certain (junior) PI of the RIMLS.

Research Training Period 1 is assessed based on scientific skills, oral presentation and a written report. Guidelines for the report are found below and on Blackboard.

Objectives Research Training Period 1

Learning objectives are the central issue of an internship plan. Prior to the start of an internship, both student and supervisor should have a clear idea about the learning objectives and skills to be mastered by the student by the end of the internship. The final report must show that the student has attained these learning objectives. Attainment is assessed by the research training period supervisor.

By the end of the research training period you are able to:

  • describe the motif for the study, its relevance and its scientific medical context
  • search, critically appraise and systematically review relevant literature
  • specify a research question or hypothesis which relates to findings discussed in relevant scientific literature
  • describe a study design which addresses the research question
  • step by step plan, organise and carry out an empirical study
  • systematically analyse data
  • clearly describe the results and summarise these in tables and figures
  • address measurement errors and other limitations of collected data
  • critically reflect upon results, design and interpretation
  • write a research report (in English) which complies with the academic standards:
    • contents: coherent, all inclusive and balanced
    • presentation: style, appearance, lay out, word choice, references
  • give a concise oral presentation (in English) about the study for colleagues and discuss this afterwards.

How do I find a placement for a research training period?

The first RTP is performed at the RIMLS in the group of one of the (junior) Principal Investigators (PI). In principle, only one MMD student per (j)PI is allowed. The possibilities for internships within the RIMLS are described on Blackboard (MMD Student Community > RIMLS PI Descriptions and Internship Postings). During the introduction course, research theme presentations and the lab orientation days, the students get a better impression of the research possibilities and the lab of PI's of their choice. The preferences for visits during the lab orientation days need to be known to the programme coordinator in time.

Administration of Research Training Period 1

When a research subject and (junior) PI are chosen, the student writes the workplan and completes the form "workplan internship", which is available from Blackboard, as part of their individual study plan. Two days are scheduled to work on the workplan. The workplan is signed by the applicable PI and student and submitted to the Board of Examiners two weeks before the Board meeting in December. If the Board of Examiners does not agree with the workplan, this will be communicated soon after the meeting and the student needs to resubmit the workplan.

Should major changes apply to the internship research question, a motivated request with an adapted workplan should be submitted to the Board of Examiners for approval within four weeks after you and your supervisor decided that adjustment was necessary. The Board of Examiners cannot approve of any changes after an internship has been completed. The title that is approved by the Board of Examiners will be noted on the Master’s certificate. In case an internship title needs to be changed, for example as a result of unexpected research outcome, a new title with motivation has to be submitted to the MMD Board of Examiners secretary.

After completion, each training period is evaluated in an online evaluation.