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General procedures

Evaluation procedure MMD courses

Feedback from students about theoretical courses and the master's programme is essential to improve the programme. The evaluation procedures are described below.

Theoretical courses

  • During the module, students keep in close contact with the course coordinator, giving feedback where needed.
  • Three students are assigned (cohort2016_Forum Discussions.doc, available in MMD Student community on Blackboard) to evaluate the course. If possible, one student keeps a record of the different components during the course, for which he/she may use the Evaluation Help (student's evaluation help.doc) found on Blackboard.
  • Shortly after the end of the course (mostly one day after the examination) an invitation to complete the online evaluation (ITS) is sent to the students. The students complete this evaluation within one week (5 work days). A reminder is sent after one week.
  • After the end of the course (preferably when the examinations have been graded): a forum discussion with the three assigned students, chaired by a member of the OMT, is held. The forum discussion follows the guidelines for a forum discussion (guidelines forum discussion.doc). The course coordinator should be present. The appointment for the forum discussions is made by one of the secretaries. One of the three participating students takes the minutes and sends them to the students, the course coordinator and programme coordinator (within two weeks). The students should decide among each other who takes the minutes. The suggestions for the next year are summarized during the meeting and in the forum discussion report.
  • Students who participate in a forum discussion can use this as part of Knowledge Transfer (0.1 EC per discussion).
  • The Programme Committee (PC) discusses the evaluation results (online evaluation and forum discussion report), summarizes the discussion and gives an advice for improvement, which is sent to the programme director and programme coordinator and discussed in the OMT.
  • The course coordinator is asked to reply on the evaluation results to the OMT and PC and list measures for improvement of the course for the next edition.

Elective courses

  • Evaluation of elective courses is done by the organisers of the programme.
  • MMD students have the opportunity to post their comments to the courses to Blackboard, thus informing future students about the suitability of the elective course.

Research internships

  • After the two research internships, an online evaluation is sent to the students (by ITS). Students have two weeks to complete the online evaluation. The evaluation is anonymous. If the OMT needs to contact the internship department, a comment including email address should be added.
  • The online evaluations of research internships are discussed in the OMT and the Programme Committee. Action is taken when needed.

Master's programme

  • When they are graduating, students are invited to take part in an exit interview with the programme director and programme coordinator. In addition, students are invited to fill-in a confidential questionnaire.
  • After the first year, students are invited to take part in a mid-term interview with the programme director and programme coordinator.
  • The exit and mid-term interviews are discussed in OMT and Programme Committee meetings.
Registering for modules

Core modules

Students who start the programme Molecular Mechanisms of Disease are automatically registered for the MMD courses and tests.

Resit tests

For students who fail a written test, there is one option to resit an examination each year.

Students who have passed a course examination are not allowed to resit that course examination unless permission has been obtained from the Board of Examiners. The last result obtained will be valid.

Resit tests must be registered separately. This is possible through Osiris student. Resit tests must be registered at least two weeks before the test.

Elective modules

For all elective courses, it is the student's responsibility to register in time for both participation in courses and tests. This is possible through Osiris student.

Registration for the Master's Examination

To be eligible for the award of a Master's degree, candidates are requested to fill in an application form at least 1 month before the meeting of the relevant Board of Examiners meeting. The Board of Examiners will evaluate the results according to the last-approved study plan.

A candidate can annul a previously submitted application up to 14 days before the meeting arranged to evaluate results.

N.B. The Board of Examiners needs a copy of the student's passport to issue certificates and diplomas. As a rule, this will have been submitted when you enrolled at the Radboudumc. If this is not the case or the document is no longer available to the Administration of Education and Student affairs (OSZ), you will be asked to submit this to StIP as soon as possible.

ICT facilities

The Radboud university medical center has at least four ICT facilities that a student has to deal with: the Radboud University student portal, the student webdossier, the educational computers and Blackboard. The student can view and manage most of the study related affairs using these features. Check out ICT facilities to learn more about the ICT facilities for students.

Via your student portal you can access Osiris Student which you can use to view examination results, enroll for courses and exams. The Radboud university medical center has an additional student portal: student webdossier where you should register for Radboudumc courses and exams/resits and where specific Radboudumc information is displayed (for example Ad Valvas).

In addition to these facilities to view and manage most of the study related affairs, students are supposed to bring their own device (laptop, tablet, ipad, smartphone etc.) to education.

For additional information, please visit the site for Exchange students
or contact mmd@ru.nl