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Hepatitis B vaccination individual students


Students who will work with human material need to have a hepatitis B vaccination. This is often obliged for international internships. The hepatitis B vaccination will be paid for by the faculty. Please be aware that the vaccination procedure takes 6 months.


Pick up the form "Vaccinatieregistratie" of the "Arbo- en Milieudienst RU/UMC". The form is available at StIP (also outside opening hours). The form is only available in Dutch.

  • Complete the form and make an appointment with the AMD: afspraakbga@amd.ru.nl or telephone (36)15400 (between 9-11 and 13-14).
  • When you have the appointment, you need to pay the vaccination yourself. Please ask for the "Nota" and tell them this is being paid for by University. They will not ask for registration costs if you tell them so.
  • Send the "Nota" to the MMD programme coordinator with your bank account details.
  • The costs will be reimbursed.