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Entrance knowledge requirements

During the selection interview, knowledge questions are asked to assess the knowledge level of the candidate. Upon acceptance, candidates may be asked to acquire extra knowledge before the programme by self study. The following keywords are important as entrance knowledge for the programme. The appicable chapters in the core textbooks are indicated. Prospective students are requested to recapitualate these subjects before the start of the introduction course.

A Bioinformatics Introductory Module is available via Blackboard for admitted students to level out starting differences in bioinformatics hands-on knowledge.  This introductory course module should allow new MMD students - via self study and hands-on exercises - to acquire sufficient bioinformatics knowledge and experience to participate successfully in the regular MMD courses and modules. This Bioinformatics Introductory Module thus precedes the MMD Master's program and as such cannot be obligatory or assessed. However, we strongly advise the upcoming students to view and/or complete this module before they start in Nijmegen.