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MMD educational themes

The MMD programme is organised along three major educational themes with both, a fundamental and a disease-related aspect:

  • Theme 1: Immunity, Infection and Information
  • Theme 2: Metabolism, Transport and Motion/Metabolic Disorders
  • Theme 3: Cell Growth and Differentiation/Developmental Disorders and Malignancies

The MMD educational themes reflect the main research areas within the RIMLS. RIMLS research is divided into 19 Radboudumc research themes, see http://www.rimls.nl/themes/ for a detailed theme description. Detailed descriptions of the individual research groups and (principal) investigators can be found on the RIMLS website http://www.rimls.nl/about-rimls/our-people/.

During the master's programme, the order of the educational themes can be different. Each theme comprises one core fundamental course, one translational course and one masterclass.


MMD theme

course 1

course 2

course 3


Infection, Immunity and  Regenerative Medicine/ Immunity-related Disorders and Immunotherapy

MM1CF - Infection, Immunity and Regenerative Medicine

MM1TR - Immunity-related Disorders and Immunotherapy

MM1MC - Masterclass Theme 1


Metabolism, Transport and Motion/ Metabolic Disorders

MM2CF- Metabolism, Transport and Motion

MM2TR - Metabolic Disorders

MM2MC - Masterclass Theme 2


Cell Growth and Differentiation/  Developmental Disorders and Malignancies

MM3CF - Cell Growth and Differentiation

MM3TR - Developmental Disorders and Malignancies

MM3MC - Masterclass Theme 3