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Finding a place

At the end of the Bachelor programme, you are required to do a research internship at one of the departments of the Faculty of Science or an institute like the hospital RadboudUMC. You look for positions yourself and apply using a letter of motivation (one of the assignments from the Bachelor Portfolio course).

How to find a department and position for my internship?

When looking for an internship position, it is good to know that the faculty is organised in research institutes. Students specialising in a general biology topic often find an internship spot at a department in the IWWR (Institute for Water and Wetland Research) Institute. This is a good place to start.

Are you specialising in medical biology? There are three institutes in Nijmegen that do research on medical biology-related topics: RIHS (Radboud Institute for Health Sciences), RIMLS (Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, and the Donders Institute. RadboudUMC has a general medical focus, RIMLS focuses on the cell and the Donders Institute is the place to be for research on the brain and nervous system. The websites of each institute give an overview of the research topics.

A list of departments at the Radboud University offering internships suitable for Biology students can be found here. Your internship needs to be approved by a authorised staff member. You can also look for internships at another department at the Radboud University or at another university in- or outside the Netherlands. In this case, you need to find a supervisor from a department on the list, who needs to approve the internship beforehand and will also sign for your final grade.