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Contact persons

On this page, you will find the most important contact persons for the Educational institute Biosciences.

1. Board of the Education Institute Biosciences

Educational Director Prof. dr. Gert Jan Veenstra
Curriculum coordinator Bachelor Biology Dr. Laura van Niftrik
Curriculum coordinator Bachelor Biology Dr. Sharon Kolk
Curriculum coordinator Master Biology Dr. Erik Visser
Curriculum coordinator Master Medical Biology Prof. dr. Michiel Vermeulen
Education coordinator Biosciences Janine Gossen
Student assessor Wytske Hepkema

2. Examination Board

Chairman Dr. Rob Lenders
Secretary Mw. Marlie Becks

Dr. Janny Peters
Dr. Hendrik Marks
Dr. Heidi Huber
Dr. Cornelia Welte
Dr. Arjan de Brouwer
Dr. Eelke Jongejans
Dr. Sharon Kolk
Prof. dr. Lettie Lubsen (external member)

In principle, the Examination Board convenes once a month. Requests and questions to the Board should be sent to examoffice@science.ru.nl  at least 4 working days before the meeting. The dates of these meetings will be published at the start of the curriculum.

3. Programme Committee (OLC)

Chairman: Dr. Ivo Rieu
Secretary: Janine Gossen
Staff members:

Prof. Dr. Huub op den Camp
Dr. Colin Logie
Dr. Wilco Verberk
Dr. Sarian Kosten
Dr. Bernhard Englitz

Student members:

Daan Rutten
Celine Borst
Tim te Morsche
Jeron Venhuizen
Marina Bool
Eline Koelman

4. Student advisors

For all your questions regarding your studies feel free to contact your student advisor.

If you want to make an appointment, you can do this through the Student Service Desk.