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Practicum and study materials

  1. Study books

All study books are available through study association BeeVee with a discount for members, or at the bookstore for original prices (i.e. Studystore). For more information, contact BeeVee.

  1. Microscope

During the practicals of the first year, you will be using a microscope extensively. These are rented out by the Educational Institute of Biosciences. During the orientation week, which is the first week of the first year, the microscopes (including a key for the microscope locker) will be handed out by the practical coordinator (Mr. J. Kassenberg, j.kassenberg@science.ru.nl). The rent will be €70, and in addition a deposit of €20 should be paid. Any damage caused by the renter will be completely covered by the renter. In addition, it is not allowed to take microscopes out of the hallway in which the practicals are performed. At the end of the first year, the microscope and locker key are to be returned to the practical coordinator. If the microscope is still complete and intact, you will get the €20 deposit back. Maybe you want to buy or use your own microscope? Please contact the practical coordinator. He will be able to tell you which microscopes are suitable.

  1. Practical necessities

Other obligatory experimental necessities, like a lab coat, safety goggles, experimental cutting set, a good lens (10x magnification), coverslips, and slides are available through BeeVee as well.

  1. Other experimental costs

For use of glasswork and equipment, a contribution of €15 is required. This is due during the orientation week, at the same time as the costs for the three used manuals (€35) during the orientation week. In short, the €70 microscope rent and deposit €20, the €15 for the glasswork, and the €35 for the manuals. In total, you should bring €140 in cash to the orientation week before you are allowed to do any experiments or participate in the orientation week.