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Physiology and Adaptation

The learning trajectory Physiology and Adaptation aims to develop the student's skills and knowledge on the basis of plant and animal physiological functions and to relate these to the functioning of the entire organism. After having followed the courses in this trajectory, the student will understand the relationships of plants and/or animals with their environment. The student has learnt how the functioning of plants and/or animals is adapted to the environment by the process evolution. In addition, methods and techniques to conduct research in this field will be offered in the respective courses.

The learning trajectory will have a joint plant and animal base. In the compulsory courses Plant Physiology and Animal Physiology, integrative themes and basic concepts that are central to the biology of both life forms, will be emphasized (e.g. communication within and between different organisms, signals between cells and organs, symbiosis, cooperation and plant-animal interactions). In the second part of the trajectory, the student may choose to take specific plant- or animal-directed differentiation courses.