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Programme B2

The second year - general phase

The first semester of the second year is the last part of the general phase, and all courses in this phase are mandatory. The second semester, however, is completely based on choice and preferences.

1st Semester
1st Quarter 2nd Quarter
Microbial Metabolism
(6 EC)
Plant Physiology
(6 EC)
Brain and Behaviour
(3 EC)
Man and the Environment
(3 EC)

Genetics (3 EC)*

Writing skills (3 EC)*

Animal Physiology
(6 EC)

* It is currently unclear whether these courses will be available in this format. Please note that this schedule is still subject to changes.

Differentiation phase

After the first semester of the second year, you’ll have completed the general (mandatory) part of the programme. You’ll start the differentiation phase where you will make the choice between general biology or medical biology. In this phase of the Bachelor Biology, the course content becomes increasingly specialised. You can deepen your knowledge and attune it according to your interests. You will also get familiar with the philosophical and ethical sides of your field. There is a lot of freedom of choice: you’ll choose a learning trajectory and add-on courses from other learning trajectories, which enables you to create a programme that fits your personal interests. You can find more information on the learning trajectories here.

It is also possible to do a minor programme during the differentiation phase of the Bachelor. The first semester of the third year is designated as a minor and exchange semester. If you want to enroll in the Master's programme Medical Biology, the minor Medical Biology or minor Health care (in Dutch) are mandatory. If you want to broaden your knowledge, it is possible to enroll in an interdisciplinary minor programme. An overview of the possibilities can be found here.

The biology courses in the differentiation phase are scheduled according to the following system: the 6 ECTS courses are always scheduled on a Monday-Tuesday or on a Thursday-Friday. You are expected to choose 1 option for each time frame.
On Wednesdays, the 3 ECTS courses are offered. Please pay attention to the fact that these courses may be compulsory for your Bachelor’s degree.

As an illustration, below is a list of the courses offered in the second semester of the second year. In the third year, your study programme will depend to a large extent on your choice of learning trajectory and /or minor. You will finalise the Bachelor programme with a scientific internship of 12 ECTS at a research department of choice or even at a company. After finishing the full 180 ECTS, the grade of Bachelor of Science will be obtained.

2nd Semester, 3rd Quarter
  • Neural Basis of Cognition and Perception
  • Humans and Nature - present, past and future relationships
  • Plant Genome Analysis
  • Advanced Statistics and Mathematics*
  • Bachelor Essay*
  • Immunology
  • Physiology of Microorganisms
  • Ecophysiology of Plants
2nd Semester, 4th Quarter
  • Neurons and Synapses
  • Animal Ecology
  • Advanced Molecular Biology
  • History of Biology*
  • Medical Embryology
  • Population and Evolutionary Biology
  • Endocrinology

* It is currently unclear whether these courses will be available in this format. Please note that this schedule is still subject to changes.

Course descriptions will be made available later.