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Priority Electives chemistry programme

Every programme offers 6 EC space for 'free electives'. The only requirement for free electives is that they are at university level.
At least half of the remaining elective space in your programme must consist of chemistry priority electives. (If you take a minor programme, this pertains to the remaining elective space after the minor).

The list of priority electives is given below.
(Not all courses may be given in every year. A few of the courses are choices in the second year).

  • NWI-MOL029 Bioinformatics (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL034 Condensed matter lab (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL035 Chemistry and society (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL043 Bioinorganic chemistry (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL048A Organic chemistry lab (6 EC)
    or NWI-MOL049A Chemical biology project (6 EC)
  • NWI-MOL050 Condensed matter (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL053 Pharmacochemistry (6 EC)
  • NWI-MOL054 Toxicology (6 EC)
  • NWI-MOL059 Statistische thermodynamica (6 EC)
  • NWI-MOL064 Spectroscopy of Atoms and Molecules (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL065 Chemometrics (6 EC)
  • NWI-MOL071 Crystal growth (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL087A Practicum synthese (organisch) (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL087B Practicum synthese (anorganisch) (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL091 Green chemistry (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL093 Stereoselective synthesis (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL094 Physical organic chemistry (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL095 Organic chemistry (6 EC)
  • NWI-MOL096 Metalorganic chemistry (if available) (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL106 Applied Quantum chemistry (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL108 Magnetic resonance in chemistry (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL110 Applied magnetic resonance (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL111 Biophysical chemistry (3 EC)
  • NWI-BB017C Biochemistry-Molecular Biology II (6 EC)