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Programme of B3

You are free to make your own choices during the third year.

Choose courses that you feel best reflect your interests and desired specialization. Do not forget to complete the Writing course, Philosophy and Academic Skills. Below, the specialization courses in chemistry are listed with the period in which they are taught.

We recommend that you check out other degree programmes as well, because including courses from other disciplines enables you to broaden your programme.
Make sure that you pick the chemistry courses that are relevant for your internship and future master's specialization!

Third year programme
1st period 2nd period 3rd period 4th period

Electives (15 EC)

Electives (15 EC)

Electives (15 EC)
NWI-MOL200A Bachelor Internship
(12 EC)
NWI-MOL086 Academic Skills (3 EC)
Optional: minor 15-30 EC
or semester abroad

Half of your elective space must be filled with priority electives. The full list with priority electives can be found here.

The first semester of the third year is designated as the minor and exchange semester. A number of faculty minors are offered during these periods. See the separate minors prospectus. You are not obligated to choose a minor during this semester. Instead you can follow the regular electives. You may also assemble your own minor with courses that are not taught in semester 5. This minor must be approved by the Examination Board.

You conclude your Bachelor's programme with a research internship. Information on requirements, and how to arrange an internship can be found elsewhere in the prospectus.

Priority electives per period:

1st Period (Q1)

2nd Period (Q2)

3rd period (Q3)

4th period (Q4)

  • NWI-MOL087A Practicum synthese (organisch) (max 18) (3 EC)
  • NWI-MOL087B* Practicum synthese (anorganisch) (3 EC)
    * MOL087B, if available, only after MOL087A (total (6 EC) ec)

Writing skills, Philosophy, Academic skills

  • NWI-FCEM02B Writing skills can be taken in any quarter.
  • NWI-FFIL101 Philosophy is scheduled in the first (Q1) and second (Q2) period
    Q1: aimed at physics topics, in Dutch
    Q2: aimed at molecular topics, in English
  • NWI-FFIL100 Philosophy, in Dutch, is scheduled in the fourth period and treats topics from biology.
  • NWI-MOL086 Academic Skills: towards the of the fourth period you evaluate your Bachelors education  and write a plan for the future. After discussing this with your academic mentor, the course in Academic Skills is completed and awarded with 3 EC.