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List of departments

This table gives an overview of departments suited for bachelor internships.
Please be aware that there are a lot of students that want to do their internship at biology and biochemistry departments. It is therefore advisable to inquire about your possibilities on time and to make a good first impression:

  • Show that you are familiar with the department and their research.
  • Make sure that you have good grades.
  • Be genuinely interested in their work and field.

It is possible that the department of your choice is full during a particular period.

Institute Department Chair Staff (a.o.)
DCN Biophysics prof. J. van Opstal prof. B. Kappen, prof. R. van Wezel
DCN Cognitive Neuroscience/Molecular Neurophysiology dr. N. Nadif Kasri
DCN Cognitive Neuroscience/Translational Affective Neuroscience dr. J. Homberg
DCN Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience dr. D. Norris
DCN Molecular Animal Physiology prof. dr. G. Martens dr. S. Kolk
DCN Neurophysiology prof. dr. T. Celikel
IMM Analytical Chemistry prof. dr. Buydens dr. J.J. Jansen, dr. G. Postma
IMM Biomolecular Chemistry prof. dr. G. Pruijn dr. W. Boelens, dr. K. Bonger
IMM Systems Chemistry prof. dr. D. Wilson dr. D. Lowik
IMM Biophysical Chemistry Vacancy dr. H. Heus, dr. M. Tessari
IMM Molecular Materials Vacancy dr. P. Kouwer
IMM Molecular Nanotechnology prof. dr. R. Nolte
IMM Physical-Organic Chemistry prof. dr. W. Huck
IMM Synthetic Organic Chemistry prof. dr. F. Rutjes dr. M. Feiters, dr. J. Mecinovic, dr. T. Boltje
IWWR Microbiology Prof. dr.ir M. Jetten Dr. H. op den Camp
IWWR Molecular  Plant Physiology Prof. T. Mariani Dr. J. Peters
IWWR Organismal Animal Physiology prof. dr. G. Flik dr. P. Klaren
MPI Language and genetics Prof. Dr. S. Fisher
RIMLS Biochemistry prof. dr. R. Brock dr. W. Koopman, dr. P. Willems
RIMLS Bioinformatics (CMBI ) prof. dr. G. Vriend dr. C. van Gelder, dr. T. Ritschel, prof. M. Huijnen, prof. R. Siezen
RIMLS Cell Biology Prof. dr. B. Wieringa dr. J. Franssen, dr. W-J. Hendriks, dr. R. Wansink
RIMLS Mitochondrial disorders prof. dr. J. Smeitink dr. F. van Leeuwen
RIMLS Molecular Biology prof. dr. H. Stunnenberg Prof. M. Vermeulen, dr. C. Logie
RIMLS Molecular Developmental Biology prof. dr. G.J. Veenstra
RIMLS Molecular Neurogenetics prof. H. van Bokhoven
RIMLS Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology prof. dr. F. Russel dr. J. Koenderink
RIMLS Physiology prof. dr. R. Bindels prof. J. Hoenderop, prof. P. Deen
RIMLS Rheumatology dr. P. van der Kraan
RIMLS Tumorimmunology prof. dr. C. Figdor
UMC Dermatology prof. dr. J. Schalkwijk
UMC Experimental Urology prof. dr. J. Schalken
UMC Experimental Urology Prof. B. Kiemeney
UMC Glomerular diseases and Transplantation Immunology dr. J. van der Vlag
UMC Hematology prof. dr. J. Jansen Dr. B. van der Reijden
UMC Human genetics prof. dr. H. Brunner
UMC Laboratory Medicine Prof. Sweep Dr. J. Oosting/Prof. I. Joosten/Dr M. verbeek
UMC Laboratory Medicine: Translational Metabolic Laboratory Prof. A van Gool
UMC Medical microbiology/Parasitology prof. dr. R. Sauerwein dr. T. Bousema
UMC Medical Microbiology/Virology dr. R. van Rij
UMC Nephrology Research Laboratory dr. J. van der Vlag
UMC Neurology dr. F.E. de Leeuw
UMC Neuro-oncology prof. P. Wesseling
UMC Orthodontics and Craniofacial Biology prof. dr. C. Carels
UMC Pathology prof. dr. H. van Krieken
UMC Pediatric infectious diseases
UMC Pediatric Oncology
IWWR Green chemistry prof. dr. M. Huybregts